i’m really hepped up about this big brother state when i was brainstorming ways i would talk to my friend because we currently speak every day on facebook messenger but skype isn’t secure and even old school phone calls are recorded. it’s not like we’re planning a bank raid or anything but i don’t like it. i don’t like it at all.

i want to quit social networks

i’m not comfortable with how dominating they are particularly given the facebook messenger thing which makes me feel physically sick


me attempting to reach the goals I’ve set in life




cat riding dog (wearing sunglasses)

that dog has a frickin cELL PHONE WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL IS THIS

thanks birdseye for stereotyping us with your “thas lush ini mun” welsh people

so contrived


once you start filling in your eyebrows you never go back



so if a bisexual dates someone of another gender, they’re really straight and looking for attention

and if a bisexual dates someone of the same gender, they’re really gay and calling themself bi out of internalized homophobia

and if a bisexual is polyamorous, they’re the reason bisexuals “can’t be trusted”

and single bisexuals are predatory liars

what the fuck are we supposed to do

17-year-olds: When I have a job I'm gonna have my own apartment and I'm gonna gets lots of tattoos and piercings and I'm gonna go to lots of concerts and oh yeah I'm gonna go backpacking across Europe!!
20-somethings: Hey can I borrow a dollar so I can buy some more dollar store macaroni and cheese


The Wales Coast Path - named the top region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet (2012)

6eth replied to your post: cutting my hair was the worst decision…

Cut it even more so you have a pixie cut then you’ll feel like you can run the world. Pixie cuts are the best thing ever, I think every girl should try having one at least once in their lives. It makes you feel so empowered.

I’ve been tempted but my jawline is not discernible enough. Maybe if I ever lose weight (hah)